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Network Installation

Networks are all about sharing. Sharing files, resources and applications across the local office network and now more than ever across the wider area network... the Internet.

As networks grow in size and complexity the benefits of sharing only become greater. Commercially this leads to increased productivity from your staff and reduced costs operating costs for your boss. Sounds great.

And it long the network is designed and built properly from the outset and does exactly what it is supposed to.

Do you have an office network and if so how does it perform? Does it allow for future growth and does it cater for the inevitable: What happens when things go wrong?

Speak to us. We will design from new, re-engineer, or extend your network following a critical appraisal of your current systems.

We will build, configure and install all the necessary hardware and software infrastructure , test the systems and give you all the basic training needed to maintain your network.

Most importantly you will have access to a complete software and hardware support package that will leave you with total peace of mind.