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MARKETING your website begins with shaping its content in order to attract your customers and so generate sales.

Knowing your market - your customers and your competitors, is a vital element in achieving this. But what good is a trail-blazing website if nobody knows it's there?

Your customers must recognise your website and your business as one of the same thing: All of your existing marketing materials should point to your website. That means including your URL (domain name) and email address on your corporate stationary and wherever and whenever you advertise.

Most people will find their way to your website either by guessing your domain name - if they already know you, or via a search engine search. We submit our clients sites to the major search engines monthly and optimise their sites so that search engines will find them because we regard this as an important part of marketing their sites.

Other forms of online marketing that we could incorporate into your marketing strategy include: The use of banner-ads (which we can design), links and link exchange, participating in topical newsgroups, email, online competitions, promotions, games, giveaways... the list goes on.

Contact us if you would like further information or advice in creating an eBack to topffective, innovative marketing strategy for your organisation.

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