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HOSTING is the all important physical home for your website governing where your website resides and how it connects to the internet.

A top notch hosting service effects not only how quickly your site downloads but also its reliability, or 'uptime'. It also offers you added services such as e-mail as well as the added functionality needed to technically enhance your site for purposes such as ecommerce, multimedia and database website delivery.

Our service is provided on a fast 30Mb connection that is expandable to155Mb on demand via a 'tier 1' backbone service provider. All the websites we host are on windows 2000™ servers that are fully redundant. This means they employ failsafe systems that guarantee your site will be seen by 99% of your customers 99% of the time.

We offer 3 hosting packages designed to meet the needs for most businesses. Each can easily be tailored to your particular rquirements and all are included in conjuntion with the design options available.




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