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WHAT'S IN A NAME?...Transfer fees the size of telephone numbers - for some of the most select domain names.

Why?... Because they are UNIQUE, EASY TO REMEMBER and EASY for people to type straight into the address bar of their browser window. In short a good domain name will get potential customers to your website as quickly and easily as possible.

Registering your domain name is therefore one of the most important first-steps in establishing your online presence. And once registered your name will be secured for one year from speculators and competitors.

Because your domain name forms the basis for both your website and email addressing your choice should closely resemble your organisation's name, be short and be easy to remember. Whether you go for a or .com is up to you. We recommend you choose either as your main domain but register both if possible. This protects you from a competitor registering 'another version' of your name and also gives you the option of directing visitors who've used this 'version' to your website - this is called web forwarding.

Check now to see if the name/s of your choice is/are available. Then contact us and we will register those names for you. We charge £20.00 for names and £40.00 for .com's. These fees are all inclusive + vat and last for one year. For more advice contact us.

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