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What do you want your website to do and how do you want to achieve it?

We offer 3 levels of service that will appeal to businesses both large and small all of whom require different things from the web and therefore a different approach to it.

A clearly defined goal will underpin any design and we will always start by working with you to decide upon what that is. What happens next depends upon the scope of your project, your budget and the type of service you want from us.

Soc 1 [Entry] level service is aimed at smaller businesses, start-ups, and those businesses wanting to' test' the Internet for the first time who need a simple but effective website up and running with the minimum of hassle.

Soc 2 [Custom] level service provides a tailored approach for small to medium sized companies requiring a more interactive website, Once a site progresses beyond the basic functionality of an 'electronic brochure' it will almost certainly need this level of service

Soc 3 [Consultancy] level service is aimed at clients requiring more of our involvement in the creation of their proposed website. Clients who want a specialised solution or a website that integrates their online and offline marketing and business initiatives are likely to need this kind of service.back to top


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