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Welcome to Socket3
Web Design Internet Consultancy
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Socket3 is a one-stop Internet technologies solutions provider specialising in web site design, Internet consultancy and network installation.

Simply put this means that we advise people on how to use new Internet technologies such as the web and e-mail services within their organisation to their best advantage.

So you design websites..
Yes. We design visually stimulating websites, handle domain name registration and also offer superior hosting facilities.

Our talented team of interactive designers combine technical, creative and marketing flair to ensure that a site not only looks good but also delivers it's objectives and gets seen.

Internet and the office...

If you are thinking of installing a local network(LAN) and/or you want to incorporate Internet technologies such as Internet connectivity, e-mail, webservices (perhaps for your company intranet)
, database applications etc.into your existing network - we can help.

Our network department is headed by a Microsoft certified engineer who can advise you appropriately and answer all your networking questions.